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Since March of 1981, Americans everywhere have helped pay tribute to women whose commitment to humanity and to our planet have proved to be invaluable for society.

We are honored and privileged to celebrate these women with our community. On March 14, 2018 the University of Florida hosted the Annual Women’s History Month Reception, which included two awards by the Gainesville Commission on the Status of Women. The awards are the Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Ida B. Wells Awards.  Below are photos of various members of our Board and the award winners at the Reception.

The awards are designed to recognize women’s contribution for women’s and/or civil rights which best exemplify the values and accomplishments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Ida B. Wells.

Our winners this year were Ileana McCray and Donna Weller.

Pictured above is the GCOSW Education Committee and award winner Ileana McCray with UF President Ken Fuchs. 

Pictured above is award winner Donna Waller with UF President Ken Fuchs. 

Here are (from right) Board  President Molly McGowan, Board member JoAnn Wilkes, Jill Keezer and Board member Taraneh Darabi

Facing the camera is Education Committee Chair Victoria Condor-Williams and award winner Ileana McCray


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